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アンカー 1

Dear Senseis and Kendo friends!

Thank you very much for your participation.

We wish we would meet next year again :)

Privacy Policy :

GDPR / Data Privacy Issues / DSGVO With your registration (individual registration, team registration or dojo club registration), you agree that personal data e.q. full name, e-mail-address, age, country, name of your dojo club are administratively used for the Donaucup event by Kenshikan Vienna. The usage of the data complies to the rules and regulations of GDPR (DSGVO) Usage of data I, as a registered attendee, or the registered team or the registered kendo dojo club agree, that media like pictures and/or movies taken at the Donaucup event can be posted on the homepage of Kenshikan Vienna or on social media for activities related to public relations.

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