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5. De-Geiko in Kobukan Dojo

Prague 2.0 - outside of you comfort zone is home

This past weekend six of us and Funabiki sensei met again in the wee hours of the day to board the train from Vienna to Prague to repeat our De-Keiko at Kobukan dojo.

After a very short train ride - mainly because the author of this story was in a mini-coma - we arrived and had our traditional Ramen lunch.

Refreshed and sparkling we entered Kobukan dojo, where our Czech friends were trying to catch some breath after a 45minutes Kirikaeshi drill (they were all still alive!).

So we joined (some of us first time in a Bogu set) and started with some review of Bokuto Kihon-Waza and how to use it in a fight.

We looked good, we looked controlled.

Then some fighting - the author outside of her comfort zone; but the the others - magnificent. Blue and dangerous.

The evening of day one took us to the local pub, were happiness was found between kofola and Czech beer as well as the essential comment by Jindra sensei “even though you living in Vienna, you are now part of our community”.

Returning to the Dojo (where we slept) and after all the fireflies (i.e. Kendokas with phone lit faces) went to sleep, most of us passed out. But then, there was one who indeed got up at 4 am and started working on his swing (yes, he is special and we love him).

Day two started with some lovely footwork and ended with some more fighting. Short pit stop at the local pub (confessing beef tartare junkie here) 7 very animated and happy blue Kendokas made it back home.

So why visit?

Because Jana sensei and Jindra sensei have not just built an incredible dojo (the floor is an anthem to this sport and japanese craftsmanship) but a home for Kendo - the tradition, their passion and the community.

Needless to say: we already booked our next visit.

Come and join us - we have jackets :)

written by M


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