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Welcome Party / Donaucup

We will have a welcome party after our ji-geiko on Saturday!

The buffet will start at 19:00 - the local cantina will freshly prepare a buffet and the location for us.

Warm food will be served until 21:00 and the buffet and cantina is open until 00:00.

The price for the buffet (all you can eat) is 20 EUR.

*not including drinks

Menu includes

1. Pork roast with cabbage and Austrian dumplings

2. Austrian meatballs

3. Chicken with rice and potato fries

4. Vegetable strudel

5. A variety of salads

6. Different Austrian soups

7. Austrian deserts

Drink Order

Drinks can be paid directly at the bar when ordering or at the table.

A selection of wine bottles from the local winery in Baden are also for sale.


The smoking area is outside and can be easily accessed directly from the cantina.


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