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Welcome Party / Donaucup 2024

We will have a welcome party on Saturday!

The buffet will start at 19:00 - the local cantina will freshly prepare a buffet and the location for us.

Warm food will be served until 21:00 and the buffet and cantina is open until 23:00.

The price for the buffet (all you can eat) is 23 EUR.

*not including drinks


Buffet menu

Rindsuppe mit Frittaten

Beef soup with sliced Austrian pancakes


Rindsuppe mit Leberknödel

Beef soup with liver dumplings


Schweinsbraten mit Sauerkraut

Pork roast with sauerkraut


Schweinsbraten mit Semmelknödel

Pork roast with bread dumplings



Chicken schnitzel



Pork schnitzel


Parsley potatoes


Wildragout Nockerln

Venison stew with dumplings


2-3 Salate

Various salads



Vegetable and potato casserole

Drink Order

Drinks can be paid directly at the bar when ordering or at the table.

A selection of wine bottles from the local winery in Baden are also for sale.


The smoking area is outside and can be easily accessed directly from the cantina.


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